Red Leopard is widely acknowledged for its network of influential media contacts. Considerable time is spent nurturing and enhancing these relationships. Press activities provide the platform for clients’ digital and social communication strategies. Media and presentation training is also provided to ensure company representatives are well prepared prior to any media or digital engagement.


Red Leopard works closely with clients to develop thought provoking digital content marketing strategies with the aim of engaging audiences and building online communities. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and videos are the platforms that are used to deliver the content. These strategies are blended with traditional PR tools to ensure extensive brand exposure for clients.


Events are often required by clients to support marketing and public relations campaigns. Product launches, investor seminars, media road shows, business lunches, project openings and forums are indicative of the types of events facilitated. Promotions, VIP guest lists, speeches, staging and theming, venue selection, invitations and display material are also arranged.


Communicating specific company messages to support business goals is an important part of Red Leopard’s work. The company writes articles across many genres as part of its PR strategy. Examples include:

  • Blog writing
  • Video scripts
  • Client case studies
  • Speech writing
  • Feature articles
  • Brochures
  • Award submissions
  • Newsletters
  • Tender documents