"It took me over three decades in business to find a public relations person who was focused on delivering targeted results for my company. Natasha is a rare find and leader in the public relations industry. She is clever and constantly unearthing new opportunities to raise both my profile and that of Monarch’s developments."

Peter Icklow

CEO, The Monarch Investments Group of Companies

What Do Lobby Groups Have In Common With PR?

Many people think that lobby groups and PR companies are the same, however while they do have a degree of overlap, they are actually quite different. PR companies traditionally work across many areas – from celebrity PR to ASX listed organisations. Lobby groups predominantly work in one area and focus on providing a mechanism for commercial interests within government sectors. Lobby groups seek to influence policy and public opinion in favour of their client.


Some PR companies work in a similar area to obtain the same result, however the majority do not. A lobby group works towards a specialised focus and outcome, whereas a PR company working with governments generally has more general aims, seeking to inform rather than influence. In some ways, a lobby group is a specialised form of PR, focussed on one specific relationship.


Most PR companies work across several sectors, such as professional services, IT, heath, consumer and property. Government PR is only a very small part of the work undertaken by PR professionals.


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